Confidence without Compromise

Crowning Daughters for Success

We Are A traveling Enrichment Program that promote the importance of Etiquette, Healthy Self Esteem and Character. We appreciate the importance of how self image, self confidence, communication skills and social etiquette play in the development and education of our youth as well as our young adults. In today’s society many lack a sense of leadership ability and are conforming daily to the negative ways of this world. It is our goal to assist participants in creating a sense of confidence without compromising their values, respect and sense of self. Our Mission To Inspire and Enhance the diverse lifestyles of young girls and women in the areas of Etiquette, Character/Leadership and Healthy Self Esteem, that each participant will grow into a positive member of society. Seminars such as this make a difference in developing the mindset of those needing encouragement, knowledge and direction. Those interested in this Enhancement” opportunity can find this entire package as close as Fort Myers Fl. We offer specialized packages and are willing to come to you. CDFS is now conducting Beauty Beyond the Outer Assemblies for Middle to High School Girls, Mother/Daughter Program and Two Day Empowerment Seminars Our Vision To Provide a Life Changing Program for young girls and women that will empower participants to embrace their best selves, understand the importance of Beauty Beyond the Outer while building healthy relationships. We Specialize In: • Certified Abstinence Program • Biblical Principles • Healthy Self Esteem • Etiquette • Wardrobe Selection • Character/Leadership • Mom & Me “Best Me” Program • Beauty + Brains= Me© Pageant • Beauty Beyond the Outer Project (5th grade– Middle School Age) • Basic Modeling Techniques • Concluding with a Red Carpet Crowning Ceremony and Blaze the Runway Fashion Show We Promise these Deliverables • Curriculum • Supplies • Actual Teacher • Closing Ceremony plus Fashion Show • Crown per Student • Write Wrap Up • Certificate of Completion

About C.D.F.S.

What We Found During Our Research Self Esteem: The Cause and Effect of Success for youth with Learning Difficulties by Richard Lavoie, M.A. M.Ed states– A dynamic relationship exists between self-esteem and skill development. It is a relationship wherein one side of the equation increases at a parallel rate to the other side. As a child improves in self esteem , his academic competence increases. And as that competence increases, his self esteem improves. The caring caregiver must realize that positive self esteem is both a prerequisite and a consequence of academic success. Get On Board! - Pitch In We strive to Make a Positive Impact in the Lives of Every Girl and Woman that we Serve. Please Join Us in Our Efforts to Impact, Empower and Inspire each participant to Be their Best Selves through Christ Jesus.
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